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What is the 10X10 Project?

A fund raising project designed to strengthen the financial standing of the College. The project calls for 1,000 individuals, churches, auxiliaries, businesses, and other friends of Southeastern to build a 10X10 room in the financial building at Southeastern Baptist College which equals $100 per room. 

Why is the 10X10 Project Needed?

The economic downturn in our nation has affected everyone and Southeastern is no exception. Our expenses have been greater than our income for some time. We have taken several steps to correct our financial program.

1. We have cut expenses for the coming year by $60,000.

2. We have developed a strategy to recruit more students in 2017.

3. We have developed the 10X10 Project to fund the Strategic Reserve Fund.

How can I help with the 10X10 Project?

1. Purchase a room.

2. Encourage others to Purchase a room.


There remain rooms available to be built. (Purchase a room) Contact us today at:

4229 Hwy 15, North

Laurel, MS 39440

Phone: 601-426-6346 Fax: 601-426-6347